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Breaking: Saints are signing Taysom Hill to a 4-year, $140 million contract extension


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56 minutes ago, jayboogieman said:

If they can void the contract, does it count against the cap? Because if it doesn't count against the cap it is smart. If it counts against the cap, then it is just doing dumb Hurney things and kicking the can down the road again.

They just moved cap hit from this year to spread out over the 4 years after that. It is literally kicking the can down the road. The “$140M” is completely meaningless, that pretty much all voids and won’t count.

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But Hurney did not utilize option years and ‘voidable’ years. In fact his contracts were bulletproof for players. It’s why they loved him so much. It’s why TD and Olsen ran to get more money literally as soon as Gettle was fired lol.

It’s why R Kalil was able to sucker Hurney for a two year extension yet was somehow injured less than halfway through, retired, yet miraculously was able to recover for a big paycheck from the Jets where he...yea was all of a sudden injured again. Probably took notes from Matt. It’s probably why Weatherly didn’t give a poo when he was signed. It was basically free money.

Delomme was signed after an injury that is undefeated in destroying athletes’ careers. Why?

Lots of other examples.

Hell I’m thinking Rhule had the idea of TBs opt out option thank god.

Nah Loomis is far better than Hurney. Hell I think he is an NBA GM too (not sure) lol.

Bottom line, Hurney might as well have been a players agent, he worked for them, Loomis works for the franchise(s).

Pretty sure the Saints will cut Tyson next year and not lose anything but just gain cap this year.

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The basic idea here is that this guarantees Hill is a free agent next year.

Hill is doing the team a solid for cap relief, had they just tucked on the years at current rate of $12M he might actually outplay it. And with that losing a lot of money in those years. Could happen if he turns into a starter at QB, not a large chance but player tend to believe they are the best ever.

So this way he is free at test the market next year, or in the off chance of him turning into the second coming of Elway either play for the ridiculous number or get a really good longer deal. Without it he could be tagged at a relative bargain.

And he gets more up front cash as a kicker.

What the saints actually gives up is the change to resign him as a mid pack qb starter deal. So they probably no longer think he can be that.

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All you need to know about Hill’s deal is that the extension years void at the end of the 2021 season, which means he’s officially on a one-year contract

The math: Hill had a cap charge of $16.159 million that is now reduced to $8.41 million, saving the Saints $7.749 million on this season’s cap. That savings means that a $7.749 million cap charge that won’t count this year will be pushed into 2022 — unless Hill signs a new extension.

All of this is important for two reasons. First, Hill still counts a lot against the cap, even if it is spread out over two years, which should be an indication that the Saints still view him as their potential starting quarterback of 2021 and beyond. And second, the fact that he’ll be counting against next season’s cap whether he’s on the team or not should indicate some motivation on the part of the Saints to start working on an extension during the course of the 2021 season if he starts at quarterback and plays well.



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