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Panthers trade for Sam Darnold

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Its not a bad move for what we gave up. Draft picks are overrated. You win in this league by being aggressive. Titans fans were saying the same thing about Ryan Tannehill when they got him, blah blah, he sucks....

It has worked out for them and they are now contenders.

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I love the Huddle... Panthers could trade a future 7th for Jesus and it would be a colossal mismanagement of draft capital. 

But trade 2 future number 1’s for the opportunity to move up 5 spots.. Do IT!!!!!

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Just now, Sean Payton's Vicodin said:

This move wouldn't have been made if our brass could keep their mouths shut and not talk poo about Teddy. Like he sucks but until you have something better in the house just STFU. They were forced to move on.

Now they made a lateral move and lost picks in the process.

The "he's a reclamation project!" is just the same cope as "he was good with the Saints last year". He's another Josh Rosen.

We were in this position the minute it came out that we were super aggressive at going after Stafford. Not much much we could have done. You can’t keep that stuff secret.

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15 minutes ago, Mage said:

Lol are ya’ll serious? 

I’m not a huge Darnold fan but this is a very low price to give up. 

Ya’ll overvaluing picks hard. Plus we’re gonna have soooo much cap space to compensate for whatever picks we don’t have.

Great risk/reward deal. 

These are the same people thinking we should trade 3 firsts to move up with Miami (#3) earlier.  This gets the talent and avoids the risk.  We need to realize that the supporting cast is everything.  You think they might have talked to Anderson and Elfien?

And those of you bitching about the second rounder--have you seen our second rounder history?

Now grab Mills, Brady, you QB whisperer you.

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Just now, Verge said:

Tepper did not want Teddy on this team period. This makes that possible regardless of the draft.

Now that your here.

what’s your feeling on our pick now?  I don’t see Sewell fall to 8. 

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