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Go on record: WHO DO YOU WANT!

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15 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

This is what every team claims to do. It's not like you're ever gonna have a team come out and say, "Listen, we know he wasn't the best player available but we're really fuging desperate here!" though that approach clearly plays out in every draft.

I really think some teams put themselves in a position to get the BPA. That's ostensibly what we're doing (including why we acquired Incrediboy). I would love to see Sewell, Pitts, Fields and Chase on the board when we pick. 

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The only non OL I want in this draft is Pitts, especially in the first couple days. And I would prefer big and brutal OL at that and a smart center.

1) Pitts> Sewell> Darrisaw

2) Little (if Pitts is the pick) > Vera-Tucker> Creed Humphrey

3) Quinn Meinerz > Aaron Banks


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19 minutes ago, CarolinaNCSU said:


If Fields/Lance are there, I'd love it but don't see it happening


This. I wouldn't let Darnold being here keep me from drafting one of those guys but I think that trade was made in large part because we don't expect those guys to be there. If it happens, just smile and make the pick anyway. Darnold being here means the rookie wouldn't have to be pressed into an immediate starting role if he isn't ready and we figure out what to do with Darnold after the season.

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Why's it gotta be on the record? Also, for the record, Idgaf, just pick somebody so we can move on to the threads of why the pick was the best pick ever in draft history, and why the person we picked is a bust.

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My order without Lawrence, Wilson, Sewell or Pitts available:

1. Rashawn Slater LT

2. Jamaar Chase WR

3. Jaylen Waddle WR

4. Justin Fields QB

5. Jaycee Horn CB

6. Trey Lance QB


Pre-Darnold, Fields and Lance would be at the top but I'd like to see how we do with the 23 y/o #3 overall surrounded with better linemen and weapons.

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