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Teddy B to the Broncos for a 6th!

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23 minutes ago, BurnNChinn said:

@SizzleBuzz and all you other gurus saying Teddy isn’t gone. I told y’all before draft LMFAO!

The Huddle is fuging stupid. 

Good riddance Teddy.

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I get the feeling this thread will be as popular as the one announcing they fired Marty Hurney.

Wonder which of those two transactions folks feel is the bigger relief.

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18 minutes ago, Soul Rebel said:

Not after trading for Darnold AND being in position to take Fields/Lance at 8. We essentially moved up 35 spots from the pick traded to the Jets. 

Dumping most of his salary for the next couple of seasons is the cream of the deal, but moving up, as you say, is the cherry on top. 

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2 minutes ago, travisura said:

Anyone want to venture over to Broncos twitter/forums to see how they're taking the news?

I'd be happy giving up a 6th for risk adverse vet QB to back up Lock.   Seems like a great deal for Denver.  And Carolina is paying the bulk of his salary this year. 



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5 minutes ago, Captroop said:


Reminds me of the Moneyball scene.

We're paying Bridgewater $7 million to play against us.

We’d be in the superbowl  if we could make that arrangement 18 times.  

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23 minutes ago, tukafan21 said:

Love getting rid of him, but this actually might have hurt us in the short term due to it being with Denver.

Broncos likely aren't drafting a QB now, which hurts the trade value of our pick as part of that value was people who wanted to jump ahead of the Broncos to get their QB.

Really hope Sewell drops to us, as almost anyone else I'd want to trade back a few spots to take.

This wouldn't prevent the Broncos from drafting a QB or at least attempting to

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