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Round 1 - Carolina Panthers Select CB Jaycee Horn


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5 minutes ago, 45catfan said:

If the Panthers didn't like Slater as a LT, then I can see then passing on him and no other LT was in sniffing distance of #8.  Darrisaw would have been a major reach at #8. The are several LTs to target in the 2nd round.  I like Cosmi or Randunz at #39 if still on the board.

I agree. Sewell was the dream though.

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2 minutes ago, BIGH2001 said:
4 minutes ago, Carl Spackler said:

Terrible pick. Hope I’m wrong. I absolutely hate it a ton. Dude has plenty of opportunities to make me regret it like I regretted hating on our 2005 first-rounder, but this feels like another in a long line of Tepper failures. 

Tepper has been nothing short of a total clown

Tepper has no control...

...Rhule is 100% in charge according to @Mr. Scot.

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2 minutes ago, Zaximus said:

All I can think about is "Damn I hope that Washington win was worth it".   It wasn't.

This team continues to need an LT and line help.   Year after year since Gross.   We literally watched a franchise QB get killed over his time here and yet we still choose a CB.   That's my issue.   I know we need CB but I feel an LT is much more important right now.   I'm not even mad about skipping Fields though that still may have been a better pick.   I'm just mad about not grabbing an LT or not successfully trading down at least.   

We are putting a LOT of faith in a failed QB on another team (albeit still young).   I think Rhule's coaching time at Carolina is going to come down to Sam Darnold, if he can turn it around or not.

We have to hit some home runs in the next days coming up, specifically OL please.

Yeah it wasn't. If we gave more time to our backups and we still won, then so be it. I wouldn't be as upset over it, but going into it and playing the starters the whole game and acting like we still had a chance to make the playoffs was just dumb.

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