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Grading how the draft was run

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Besides the quality of the actual players drafted, how do you feel about the way the team maneuvered with their trades through the first three rounds?

How well did our new GM do running the first few rounds of the draft?

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There is a loud bunch on here that seem to hate it but I suspect they are the vocal minority. This was a really good draft. I wanted a LT, but I LOVE the approach of draft elite athletes. We did that with virtually every pick and added a lot of capital. There is some work to be done with Christensen and Tremble but I think both will be big contributors this season. And I think Horn and Marshall are studs. I am very happy all things considered. Would like to go OG tomorrow though. 

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, PizzaTheHutt said:

Robbing the Texans with that last 3rd was just the icing on the cake. 

Have we completely made up for the Darnold trade? Does anyone care about that 2nd anymore? We are playing with monopoly money now.

Everything has changed. And we fought that change at first because getting effed in a 2nd round trade is built in to our muscle memory.

And then the results started coming, and the picture came together like a Bob Ross Saturday afternoon special.

My God. Its beautiful. 

I only counted the 2nd as the biggest giveaway in the Darnold trade and even then I wasn't worried about it. Getting our other picks back just makes it better.

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Outside of the first pick, this is what I was hoping they would do. 

We had a very thin roster and every draft pick rarely works out. We need as many at-bats as we can get.

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14 minutes ago, Scott12345 said:

It’s concerning that the Huddle thinks this is going so well

But then that's countered by the usual morons being upset. The same morons who are almost 100% wrong about any and everything they shart out of the anus hole on their face.

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Late correction aside, first pick was Fields who dropped in our lap and second was the best OT on board (there were a few).  These are premium positions which need to be addressed first.   

Maybe draft was salvaged by some value picks later, we will see.

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