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What did we actually gain with the trading down

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7 minutes ago, w280sax said:

I felt like houston gave up a lot in that last trade.

Assuming they aren't good next year, we probably get an early fourth out of that.

They are favorites to be the worst team 

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I think this is the ideal year for all these trade downs.  With all the opt outs and no combine, I think there are more likely to be more busts and late steals as scouting is harder than ever.

Thus, having more picks increases the likelihood of finding a diamond in the rough or two.

Seems like good strategy to me.

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17 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

More picks 😐

Which is more darts to throw at the board.  A virtue if you believe in the quantity over quality argument.    George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower did.

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46 minutes ago, Proudiddy said:

Also, in last night's presser, Rhule And Fitt said according to their guys (scouts?) a 3rd this year is the equivalent to a 2nd next year, and Rhule said when they viewed it that way, they essentially paid off the Darnold trade already.  I thought that was fascinating. 

we are still out a 2nd next yr

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Here is another way to look at it.  This team averages 6.2 draft picks a year.  The league average is 8.1.  Today, we drafted 11 players, and I imagine 9-10 will stick.  It was like 2 drafts. 

I am not suggesting anything, but we added 2 WRs in the draft and Moore in free agency from Seattle.  We have DJ through 2022.  Technically, we could cut Waive or trade Anderson this year and save $8m.  Do not want that, be if we had to do so...

We probably won't have Jackson next year---he is injury prone and inconsistent.  We added 2 CBs in free agency, 2 in the draft.  We also have Thomas-Oliver and Pride and Hartsfield at nickel.  Cutting or trading Jackson saves the team $2.4m and leaves about $400k in dead cap.

We added 2 TEs in free agency (Sullivan and Arnold) and we just drafted Tremble.  Ian Thomas is in a contract year and cutting him frees $2m vs. $200k in dead cap. 

So if we HAD to, we could clear $12m without hurting our dead money much at all.  I see Thomas getting cut, and I would not be surprised to see Jackson cut or dealt.

So as we all know, it is not all about talent--it is about cap management as well, and if you have players earning $2+m per and they are in a contract year and not likely to help the team, why pay them?

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