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Rumor: Hill to Start over Wintson Week 1

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1 hour ago, Shotgun said:

They'll kick our ass with either of them starting. 

You'll get poo for this because folks are fragile but how we do against the Saints and Bucs will determine how for real we are moving forward with Rhule. Even without Brees Payton will give us all we can handle and I can't stand that prick but it's true.

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6 hours ago, nosuchthingasapanther said:

jameis winston is already a failure.

i wish nothing but failure for the saints.

Made 52 million so far and is 27 years old.  Nah...don’t consider that a failure lol

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5 hours ago, Car123 said:

I’d take Winston over Darnold any day.

I wanted Winston over teddy 2 gloves, 10 out of 10 given winston's salary was 1 million. Even with that 30 for 30 season, winstons put up better numbers in the same time over the gringer cringer. 

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    • http://Panthers won’t commit to chanting ‘Keep Pounding!’ Shout it loud, and they’ll have to https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article254278628.html   Panthers won’t commit to chanting ‘Keep Pounding!’ Shout it loud, and they’ll have to   BY SCOTT FOWLER [email protected] 3 hours ago You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. And you don’t mess around with Sam, or with the “Keep Pounding” chant. The Carolina Panthers must return to issuing a prompt every week — from now until forever — to guide their fans into all chanting “Keep” and “Pounding” together. It’s a remarkable scene during every home game, as first one half of Bank of America Stadium yells “Keep” and then waits for the other to respond “Pounding.” The sound rolls back and forth in waves.  The “Keep Pounding” chant is one of the Panthers’ most beloved traditions, and I can’t imagine why the team ever decided to mess with it.    ADVERTISEMENT But at the season opener in Charlotte on Sunday against the New York Jets, there was no stadium-wide “Keep Pounding” chant. The Panthers still rolled out the oversized “Keep Pounding” drum and still banged it right before kickoff. Sam Mills’ statue still stood outside the stadium. But there was never a time when fans were publicly asked to scream the most famous two words in Carolina history.   Why not? The Panthers’ reasoning was tepid. A team spokesperson told The Observer on Wednesday that the chant was never shown with a video-screen prompt because the Panthers have been experimenting with different game-day experiences. The spokesperson added that fans were always welcome to make the chant spring up organically on their own. “Keep Pounding is the fans’ chant,” the spokesperson said. “The fans own the chant.” DAVID T. FOSTER III • [email protected] The Carolina Panthers honor the phrase “Keep Pounding” on the drum that is banged before every game. drummer Jan Kuhn takes practice swings prior to the start of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers game at Bank of America Stadium on Monday, October 10, 2016 . Well, yeah, I suppose so. And in the past 15 years, I have indeed heard the chant organically spring up in lots of places, like at every Roaring Riot fan gathering, and on Mint Street as people dressed in black and blue walk to a big home game, and sometimes in small pockets of happy Panther defiance at road games when Carolina was playing well. But do you know how hard it would actually be to do a full “Keep Pounding” chant in the stadium without any sort of video guidance? Panther game = NASCAR race? I do know, because for the past three Panther home games (one regular season, two preseason) I’ve left the glassed-in press box and walked outside to watch a series or two and sample the game-day experience. And I know I’m getting old, and this is a very old-man thing to say, but good Lord, it’s loud.Often, it’s noise that is as artificial as the turf the Panthers are now unfortunately playing upon. Between the incessant music — usually, it’s good music, just cranked to 11 — and the PA announcer (absolutely blaring) and the various other pieces of game-day entertainment, I can’t imagine when there would ever be enough silence to get a full stadium “Keep Pounding” chant going without some guidance and, more importantly, some silence. Whoa wait, y’all weren’t screaming #KeepPounding before kickoff & in game? I know traditions can change & sometimes get replaced but “Keep Pounding” holds A LOT of meaning. With dads cancer, it meant so much to still get the Keep Pounding reminder from panther nation. https://t.co/TSPNmU32F9 — Courtney Rivera (@NFL2Ucla) September 15, 2021 You have to yell to the person two seats away just to be heard over the loudspeakers. I have seen some little kids in earmuffs on my sojourns through the stadium and I always think to myself: “That’s smart. I’m proud of your parents.” The Panther stadium noise level is frequently like going to a NASCAR race. Now all that noise shouldn’t disguise the fact that the Panthers are indeed trying some new game-day stuff, and they absolutely should keep trying it. Most of it is working. DAVID T. FOSTER III • [email protected] Former Carolina Panthers player Jordan Gross prepares to hit the “Keep Pounding” drum, joined by Steve Smith, Sr, Wesley Walls, and Jake Delhomme prior to a game in 2019. The Panthers have a cool new mixed-reality Panther now that will appear at every home game, creating great cat videos, as well as two excellent new “hype men” and several male cheerleaders who have also been added to the large contingent of female Top Cat cheerleaders. All of that is laudable. In general, the Panthers’ entertainment division does a good job. But let’s not pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger, as Jim Croce once sang. And, again, don’t mess around with Sam. In other words, you can try all sorts of new stuff without dropping the old stuff. The Panther fans who noticed the disappearance of the stadium-wide “Keep Pounding” chant were right to be perturbed. ‘Keep Pounding’ chant will be used Sunday Before we go further, let me make sure you know that the Panthers say they will use the “Keep Pounding” video prompt again for fans Sunday when Carolina hosts New Orleans at 1 p.m. But they haven’t yet committed to doing it at every home game this season. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t, their spokesperson said. It sounds squishy. But believe me, I already know how this one ends. They will use it. For every game. Because on Sunday, when the Panthers prompt the fans to scream “Keep Pounding,” the resulting chant will blow a few windows out uptown, and the Panthers will realize: “Why did we ever think we shouldn’t do that?”    
    • Really hope we dont get cute with Djax. If he balls, pay the man. I'm tired of starting over every few years. 
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