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Panthers about to trade for CJ Henderson?!?!


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Just now, portcity said:

The real underrated part of this trade is that we get him this year and 3 more as part of his rookie contract. He's a legit number 1 lockout corner. Its a position we are deep in whenever Horn returns, but at that price you can't say no. If he performs extremely well this season, then we don't have to overpay Jackson amd can use that money on SS or o-line. Either way for a 3rd round pick and Arnold this is a steal. 

We get a 5th round pick also 😁

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16 minutes ago, Daddy_Uncle said:

Did you pay any attention to how Fitterer owned the draft last year? I'm not worried about losing picks right now. This man knows what he's doing

if we make the playoffs and pick in the 20s, unless there is player we absolutely want, we are trading out of the 1st round for sure. or at the very least, moving back some spots to collect 2nd & 3rd.

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Says a lot about the type of team they want to be and where they believe things stand as of today. I don't know anything about Henderson so can't comment about that but on paper it does seem like good value.

Also, interesting that another Panthers TE castoff joins Manhertz down in Jacksonville. 

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3 minutes ago, 45catfan said:

Agreed, but as with Samuel, you have to let some walk.  This defense can't, by and large, be coming up for contract at the same time in a couple of years with us retaining every piece along the way.  We've already sunk a ton of money in Shaq and just think of all the young guys that come up for contract over the next couple of years.  D-Jax has improved his game, but he's nowhere from irreplaceable.

WRs are dime a dozen in the draft plus we have Marshall and Shi this year to see how they play….why resign Robby?   I would take DJax over Robby for that 14 mil.

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9 minutes ago, stbugs said:

I like the trade. I think Bouye isn’t a key future cog. He’s dropped off a lot. Henderson let’s Horn come back healthy and maybe also saves us a lot of money next year or potentially have 3 really good CBs (assuming he works out).

Like @trueblade, my only concern is OL. If we don’t take the BPA OL in the first next year, we can’t take one until day 3 again. BC and Brown played well against backups/guys who didn’t make the 53, but we have yet to see them play against starters. We’ve got FA money but with DJ, Burns, etc. coming soon, we need to be smart. Again, still wondering if it was smart extending Robby before the season was over.

^^^This.  Not a Robby hater whatsoever, but he really is mainly just a deep threat. 

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7 minutes ago, joemac said:

When Horn eventually comes back, we will have 2 4.39 guys as our starting CBs.  Thats dangerous. 

Horn isn't coming back this year.  I didn't want to say it here , but CB's beat the sht out of their feet and I was horrified at the the thought that  Horn might not come back at all, and if he did, could he be the same Horn?  We will know in time how tragic last Thursday was.  I hope I'm am so wrong.  But trading for another corner, a young first rounder, indicates to me, that they think, or aren't willing to risk that the Horn we knew for 2.5 games may not come back.  They are also in "win now" mode.

I guess we're trading down with our first rounder next year.

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