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Peter King says maybe Brees to Panthers?????

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This would be by far the most insane, ridiculous, pointless move we could make.  It would set this team back 5 years at least.

With that being said, I expect them to do it lol. 

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50 minutes ago, CanadianCat said:

I always liked Brees. Dont get we wrong, I hate the Saints but most of those feels belong to Sean Payton. 

That said, I think Payton is similar to how people viewed Cam Newton. You loved him on your team, but everyone else hated him. 

I always question whether super successful guys at one place can duplicate that success in another.

A lot of times, lightning in a bottle doesn't travel with you.

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Yep, Brees' arm has lost something over the past few seasons.  Not sure it would be worth anything other than a) not having Darnold start and b) giving Corrral one of the best mentors he could possibly wish for.  For a season or two I wouldn't hate the idea if the money wasn't ridiculous.  The down side is having Brees would definitely make us good enough for Rhule to keep his job. Still probably not a playoff team, but probably on the cusp.  A solid 4 more wins than Darnold.

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1 hour ago, Fox007 said:

The NO ref boost that had the Rams going to the Super Bowl after the non PI?

lol of all the derpy retarded poo, this ref poo is the most embarrassing part of the fanbase.

The most embarrassing part? I don't know about that. 🤷🏽😄

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