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Ravens OLB Jaylon Ferguson passes away

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12 hours ago, Anybodyhome said:

Go back to watching Tucker.

Nice retort.

That's the thing though with identity politics. Those playing to a party are often the ones looking the most silly.

I don't watch anything on television or mainstream news, or much news at all, really. I read what society is doing based on their efforts and results, using many mediums.

I appreciate your ignorance, though.

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2 hours ago, Cam's New Arm said:

@Anybodyhome by the way, in case they haven't explained identity politics to you on the one news channel you watch, it's sort of like when your favorite football team drafts a shitty player and you buy his jersey anyway. Go team, I guess.

I don't watch any news on any channel.

Nor do I have a "favorite team."

Nor do I identify with any one political party.

Sorry, I can only give you credit for a lukewarm effort there. And yet, you never answered the question as to how you were able to lump women's health care choices and the marginalization of the LGBTQ population into a racial silo.

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On 6/22/2022 at 1:40 PM, Anybodyhome said:

Aside from the fact that being anything but a white, heterosexual male in this country has become much more difficult to navigate lately?


On 6/22/2022 at 4:00 PM, Anybodyhome said:

Name me a single demographic in this country who has it better than a white, heterosexual male.

Not women- they don't even have a choice as to their own health care. Not any people of color- that's fairly obvious. Not the LGBTQ community- they're becoming more marginalized by the day. And the list goes on....



Pathetic waste of star dust.

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On 6/22/2022 at 9:02 AM, hepcat said:

My heart goes out to these families dealing with the death of a young person. 

It's not just in football, there seems to be a lot of younger people dropping dead these days. I've known too many people who have died from drug overdoses or suicides in the last year. A prominent Austin musician unexpectedly died a couple months ago. No cause given, my guess is drug overdose. 

Fentanyl is a big cause. It's EVERYWHERE. 


Called it. Very very sad. Fentanyl is EVERYWHERE. 

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1 hour ago, hepcat said:

Man FUG Fentanyl. A kid I was friends with in High School and his girlfriend died because of it. It was one of those gut punches. I never approved of the path he went down , but the manner in which it happened was terrible. The dealer he got it from switched the real stuff out with the fentanyl so they could sell the real stuff again. 

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I mean, I never really got drugs. If I really wanted to get high, alcohol was always enough for me. I mean, maybe exploring and finding yourself is a draw for a teen or a 20-year-old, but I'd think that by 25 that you'd pretty much have some things figured out. I figure that drugs are a means of escape to a certain degree, but why would you need to escape if you're living out your dream. I know that I really can't identify because I've never had a problem with addiction--at least that's what my wife says (she didn't know me in school), but I really don't get why a person with so much to live for messes around with a drug that has proven to be deadly. I guess that I'll never get it. 

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We can go from walking on the Earth to flying to the moon in 200 years. We can harness atoms and peer deep into the universe to discover where it all came from.

And yet we are still stupid enough to kill ourselves again and again in pursuit of temporary pleasures.


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