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Joe Person: Panthers expected to name Baker Mayfield Week 1 starter.


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The Carolina Panthers are expected to name Baker Mayfield their starting quarterback against the Cleveland Browns for Week 1 of the 2022 season, sources confirmed to The Athletic. He’s been competing with Sam Darnold but should be declared the starter when the team is ready to make the announcement.

Panthers coach Matt Rhule had indicated he could decide between Mayfield and Darnold by their preseason game against the New England Patriots. 


in other news water is wet 


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42 minutes ago, Proudiddy said:

Well if this is true, they need to quit giving Sam all those fake ass reps and split then between Matt and PJ.  

Why? Sam is easily the best backup on the roster. Baker would’ve looked slightly better behind the 31st ranked oline than Sam. So slight it wouldn’t of mattered.

They need to cut PJ and stop with the BS.

Corral will never amount to more than a back up and no one is trading for Sam.

The future QB is not on the roster.

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1 hour ago, janderson20vt said:

Well at least we had that QB competition to steal reps from our starter that just got the playbook right before camp for no good reason at all!

And steal reps from our rookie QB trying to make the transition from a very college offense.

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Corral was the most talented to play at Ole Miss since Eli. Best QB in the SEC 2021 and arguably 2022. I think this organization is trying to convince him he's nothing but a third rounder until THEY build him back up. Which is small minded.

Same trick ownership has been playing with this fan base. Tearing it down to "build back better".  They've stumbled and flailed and operate in a very backward manor most of the time. Irrational. No building has taken place much like Rock Hill. 

Insanity? Rhule is on his third failed NFL castaway QB in 3yrs. Does that sound like somebody who knows what he's doing? How to choose a QB? Kicked Cam out called Cam back?! Now Sam gets thrown under the bus in favor of Baker. The same strategy for the last couple losing seasons, it's gotta work now! 


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Just now, TheSpecialJuan said:

Matt Rhule announces open competition for the starting QB between Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield The Huddle is pissed 

Matt Rhule to announce Baker Mayfield winning QB competition The Huddle is pissed 

Matt Rhule makes love to his wife every evening while wearing her lace satin cami night dress and high heels The Huddle is pissed 


I'm disgusted with you all 

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