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Will this franchise ever have an "offense minded" head coach


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I’ll go against the grain and say the concept is overrated except for new age fans who want that ‘excitement’

a good coach is a good coach. and the strongest commonality in the past 20 years of super bowl contenders is a top defense, it still wins.

of course you could always have a great DC and offense minded HC.

but regardless, I think it’s a moot topic…I wouldn’t be opposed to a good defensive minded coach…McD, Tomlin, BB types etc.

really any coach needs the players to work, but you’ll notice offensive minded HCs have to have their franchise qb…where as defensive minded can make things work a little more



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55 minutes ago, TheBigKat said:

Dom Capers- Defense

Seifert- Defense

Teflon John- Defense

Rivera- Defense

Rhule- used car salesman


When will this team get a Brian DaBoll, Mike McDaniel, McVay style head coach, its been over 25 years

The NFL has significantly changed since I was kid. The current game is heavily tilted in favor of the offense. I agree with you on the need to try something different and break the defensive HC cycle. The Panthers have been a NFL franchise for over 25 years and still haven't posted back to back winning seasons. I think we would break that trend if we had a coach who specialized in outscoring opponents  instead of relying on a strong running game and stingy defense to win week in and week out.

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36 minutes ago, rippadonn said:

Jim Harbaugh knows how to run a camp. Rhule let's the chunks blow as they may.

barf GIF

Matt Corral in the hands of Jim Harbaugh would be a very dangerous weapon. Corral is definitely a Harbaugh quarterback. 

Serious question, if we land a Jim Harbaugh and have a top 3 pick do you think he rolls with Corral or drafts his own QB?

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