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Jason LaCanfora: Dave Tepper loves Bryce Young

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- Teppers want Young 

- Coaching staff like CJ Stroud 

- Jim Caldwell will have a major say in the final decision. His decision might carry more weight than HC’s

- Tepper might have final say after he’s seen multiple miss-evaluations in his years as owner  

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He didn't check out the Huddle the past few weeks I'm guessing. 


No one is buying what Carolina is selling in terms of possibly moving back in the first round after making the jump from the ninth pick to the first overall selection.

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Those last 2 bullet points are about as scary as possible.

In what world should an assistant coach have more sway in the room than the HC?

And just because the moron you hired before Reich was a bubbling bafoon, it doesn't mean you should step in as a non football person to make the football decision.

You hired Reich, you let him and your GM make the decision together.  You allow everyone else to provide their input and say for them to consider, but you just hired Reich to be the guy, you have to let him choose the QB or else why did you hire him?

If Reich wanted to take Levis over Young, okay, maybe then I'm stepping in as the owner and putting my foot down (at least after giving up what we did to move up to #1).  But not if they're debating between the two players that are almost universally viewed as the 1-2 at the top.

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6 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

I hope Tepper lets the football guys make the football decisions. Hell it’s 2 former QBs in Reich and McCown.

Usually I would agree but I get the feeling CJ is favored because he’s a better fit for what Reich likes to run on offense and not because he’s the better QB 

Listen, I’m good with whoever we pick but I would honestly be slightly underwhelmed if we took Stoud 

We would be picking the safe option and not going for the home run in Bryce Young 

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    • At the time of the drafts and our free agent deals I was onboard with most everything we have done with Fitt - didn't like losing CMC and DJ but I understood and thought we got a fair deal.  But seeing the results and complete failure of so many free agents we picked up, and our high percentage of misses in the draft Fitterer has to be accountable.  We are almost as bad at drafting as the Hornets.  At some point we have to draft actual Pro Bowl talent....like anywhere....
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