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Deandre Hopkins is a FA

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would be awesome for sure.

do not see this happening, though. 

could be that they get the ok to give him a giant 2-3 year deal. tepper's all about throwing that cash around and if we've got the cash/cap space, i see him saying "make it happen...whatever it takes, make it happen".

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26 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

These arguments get old. Same as the "X area is better than Y area!" We don't know what the personal motivations for most od these guys are. It might be family, taxes, area, who fuging knows?

We can guess the football reasons but speculation on people's personal motivations seems very useless.

Not necessarily. If the contract offers are similar it could make the difference. I know Lamar Jackson would love to have him if Baltimore has any money left. 

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Cap space, within reason, is irrelevant, so it's not only the teams with space that can sign him. 

If Buffalo or KC wants him and they view him as the missing piece, there's ways to make it happen. Anyone that watched our offseason should know this after watching Suleiman work his magic. 

I wonder, though a talented WR that I normally would love to have, would we bring him in and take reps away from guys like Chark, TMJ and Mingo.

We're building a long-term contender....I wonder how Nuk would disrupt or delay the youngsters getting reps.  

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11 minutes ago, Biscuit said:

Buffalo doesn't have any cap room. Neither do the Chiefs.  Baltimore does though.

Since he is a free agent, they can structure his contract to push all the money in the future and have a very small cap hit now.


  I'd bet he goes to buf or kc as well.  A trade to those teams would have been more complicated as he would have needed to restructure.

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Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer reports the Chiefs received permission to talk to DeAndre Hopkins earlier in the offseason and spoke to him before the NFL draft.

The contract, Breer reports, was the hurdle. It still makes all the sense in the world for the Chiefs to add Hopkins as they never actually replaced JuJu Smith-Schuster with a veteran this offseason, but they now have very limited salary cap space and would likely need to restructure some players to be able to afford Hopkins' asking price. It may come down to what his market actually settles at. 

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