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Ian Rappoport: Multiple teams interested in trading for Teddy Bridgewater

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Teddy is not nearly as bad as many Panthers fans think... but he's not a franchise QB.  Seems like a good to great backup and possibly a very good mentor for a young QB if talk of his demeanor / attitude are true.

Wherever he ends up I wish him well... and hope he learns when to be aggressive... 

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36 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

That'd be kind of interesting to watch from a distance.

New England is coming to Bank of America this season. You'll see it up close and personal.

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We might be able to get back our second the way Fitters has been moving. We honestly have zero reasons to trade him unless good compensation happens. 

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51 minutes ago, onmyown said:

4th is reasonable since/if the Panthers eat most of his cap.

Also if you plan on saying or looking at it like we got Darnold minus what we got for TB, I feel like you’d have to ADD the money we will pay TB to not be on the roster. Can’t have the best of both worlds.

In which case Darnold will cost what? 19/20 mil average for two years?

Though I’d say ya can’t really look at it like that anyways.

I think the biggest plus in compensation for TB won’t be a pick it will be getting rid of some of the money he’d be owed if he stayed. Not sure what that is.

Well you might as well add the contract from the pick we get and subtract the contracts from the 3 we gave away 

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    • I am going to go out on a limb here because I live on the edge.  A risk taker--man on a mission, etc.  My friends call me, "that guy," if that means anything to you people..........That's what I thought. Jones WILL go to SF at #3.  Book it. The #4 spot, whether it is Atlanta or another team after a trade, could go to a NON QB player.  Sewell or Chase, if a non QB---a trade between Denver (not WFT or NE) and Atlanta is the only way Fields goes at #4.  (That is a pretty bold, specific prediction.  MARK MY WORDS!!! Watch Mond and the Patriots--he could not only sneak into the first round, he could go before Lance.  Everyone is expecting New England to trade up, and they might, but they could move up to Detroit or Dallas and take Mond. Washington will be aggressive and end up with Lance. Maybe with a trade with the Lions or Panthers--- So when the chips start falling and the desperate teams start moving in for a QB, the Panthers' front office is going to look pretty smart.  Imagine that 5 QBs go before the Panthers?  Six?  Let's take a look at how that could go down--think desperate GM here-Washington, Denver, New England come to mind. 1. Jax Could they take Wilson?  Nah. Lawrence QB 2. Jets Wilson QB 3. Niners--I am still convinced that Jones is their guy.  Jones QB 4. Denver (trade with Atlanta) Fields, QB 5. Cincinnati Sewell or Chase--probably Sewell LT 6. Dolphins Chase WR 7. Lions (Trade with New England) SHOCKER!!! MHS HAS Cahunas!  Mond, QB    8. WFT (trade with Panthers) Lance, QB 9. Atlanta (from Denver) Pitts TE 10  Cowboys Kwity Paye, DE 11.  giants Surtain CB 12. Eagles Parsons LB 13. Chargers Darrisaw LT 14. Vikings Slater T/G 15. Detroit (from New England--Not sure Waddle lasts this long) Waddle WR 16. Cardinals Horn, CB 17. Raiders Smith WR 18.  Dolphins Barmore DT 19. Panthers, (2021 first, 2021 second, with a 2022 first and second rounder for Pick #8) Caleb Farley, CB Just a hunch that this could go down.  Marty likes to deal with people he knows, and RR and Snyder will be frothing for a QB... Panthers have 2 picks in second round.   OT and DT.   Tampa Bay may draft Mills, QB Stanford. 
    • Anyone else notice the opening graphic had us taking jamaar chase and devontae Smith going a pick earlier to the lions?...
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