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Round 1 - Carolina Panthers Select CB Jaycee Horn

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You can tell the people who just watch First Take hahahaha....Fields has that long delivery with the elbow cocking out...he was not going in the top 10 barring a trade

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1 minute ago, MHS831 said:

Well, I was disappointed, but a #1 CB was a huge need to make the rest better. Are we ever going to draft an OFFENSIVE player? 

I bet Snow is laughing at Brady right now.

Gotta go T in second---

Come on Fitts---you had a chance to trade down and you reached.  You had Fields and you could not find a partner?  I will want to hear this story.

And I lost a bet to that miserable pile of lucky crap Fua!  Double whammy!!

I’m betting Sewell was the top of the board and the corner was second. Not disappointed about a corner but don’t know poo about this guy. 

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5 minutes ago, PhillyB said:

very underwhelming at 8, but if he's worth it he'll be a game changer.



That’s exactly where I’m at with it

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6 minutes ago, Zod said:

If he is a stud corner he is cheap for 5 years. 

smart move with Pitts and Ridley and Michael Thomas and AB and Mike Evans in our division

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I don't hate it. Our defensive backfield sucks. Only other day 1 starter we could've picked was Slater, but I'm holding out hope we build the line with the rest of our picks in this deep OL class. 

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Taking a CB there is so fuging beyond stupid. AT LEAST TAKE THE OT. THAT WAS SO fuging STUPID.

0 HOPE for this teams future.

They have no idea what positional value is.

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