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The Athletic not very impressed with Sam Darnold


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I’m placing a “hold” on Sam Darnold after the Carolina Panthers’ 2-0 start. That’s a major upgrade in status for a quarterback some thought the Jets might struggle to give away following his rough run there.

“He looks a lot better,” an exec said. “Does a change of scenery cause a little bit of a light switch to flip on? He operated the two-minute drill well the first week. He hit the back every play, but if that is where the mismatch is, fine. He’s been standing in the pocket, not nervous, delivering, taking the shot of the oncoming rush.”

An exec who was skeptical of Darnold’s viability said he has an open mind.

“It’s one game against a bad team with a bad defense (Jets), and another where (Panthers offensive coordinator) Joe Brady really knows New Orleans and had the game circled all offseason,” this exec said, “so Darnold is a maybe for me.”


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1 minute ago, Khaki Lackey said:

They're not wrong. It is too early to crown him a franchise QB. But, he's exceeded my expectations so far.

Agreed, on both counts. What we do know is that Darnold was not totally ruined by his years in New York. 

We still will see more through this year, but the first two games have been full of encouraging signs.

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Helps that our defense has improved greatly from last year. Helps cover many sins.

So far pumping the ball down field has been a nice missing part of the offense, as has having CMC back there. Not really a fair comparison to anything last year.


Now is does show that Sam in a solid system with a solid team can take care of business vs the dumpster fire's in NYC.


I see nothing so far that makes me think he cannot be on the level of Jake.  That's enough with a stout D and a good running game. 

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3 minutes ago, Adb6368 said:

Joe Brady played the Saints twice last year and lost… so that argument seems valid 

Bro, this was my exact thought. I was thinking that I couldn't really argue too much until this comment. LOL! I'm sure the same exec would have thought the same thing if Winston would have lead the Saints to a W against us right? Haha! I mean, Coach Payton knows Carolina so....Winston is still a maybe. Yeh....okay.

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