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Panthers at Texans TNF GameDay thread!!!


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5 minutes ago, RelaxImaPro said:

wow who could've seen that coming

yeah, I put that on Rhule.  Texans have the mo….asking Sam to drive the field with no time is  asking for trouble.   Was totally predictable.   Lucky we landed on that fumble.

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Just now, Proudiddy said:

Pretty sad that your starting RB getting injured exposes that your starting RB is your best pass blocker.

There is a lot of issues here. The offensive gameplan revolves around one player and your investment in his back up is a 4th round rookie, this is after the fact you have no clue how to run an offense without running him into the ground with an unheard of 30 carries all the while behind an oline completely ignored.

It’s pathetic.

but but but he wants TeH CaRRiez!!!1 

but you should know better. He’s a competitor, who cares want he wants.That poo won’t last. It didn’t last year and it won’t this year. 

build a legit team already and stop the stupidity. You should not lose an entire team because your RB is injured.

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Just now, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

If they listened to you we would be 0-2 right now your a clown who always thinks we are going to lose.

Lol f*ck you. That first half was ass and I’m calling it like it is. We’re going to lose if we play like that in the 2nd half. Without CMC and Darnold with two fumbles already luckily recovered by us….this game doesn’t look good. 

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