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Panthers trade for Gilmore


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3 minutes ago, Jay Roosevelt said:

I love this trade, but PLEASE make a move on the OL next.

Teams just don't trade good OL.  And if they do, they usually cost a 1st.  

A team like the Raiders giving Rodney Hudson away for pennies is rare.  The best thing we can do this season is just build the hell out of this defense, keep McCaffrey healthy, and hope Darnold continues to play well.

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Wow. That's a shock to say the least. Never been super high on Gilmore, but he should definitely still be a solid starter. For the price you can't really argue with this being a great move. I worry a bit more now though about what this means for Horn's potential to return this year.


One thing that is extremely encouraging -- it's 100% clear that this front office puts a ton of value in the secondary, which Rivera/DG/Hurney never did. In a passing league you can't just ignore the secondary like we have in the past.

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6 minutes ago, DaddyDarnold said:

Is there an all-pro caliber lineman we can trade for a 6th round pick available right now? 

If you know of something send Fitt a tip and I'm sure he will make it happen. 

This trade don’t help if u don’t have a qb in a couple weeks so it would be a waste right?

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1 minute ago, RumHam said:

We make moves like this and you think we're in rebuilding mode? No, we're in win now mode.


Explain to me how this is "win now" mode when the O-line is literally the worst part of this team and the major fact of the woe's this offense has had AND the major reason we lost to Dallas? This line isn't going to hold up the whole season. 

Tell me how getting a 31 year old CB is Win now mode? Like, what am I missing here. 

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