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Losing to the Giants - should someone get fired?


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1 minute ago, CanadianCat said:

All depends on how we lose. 

Something catastrophic would need to happen to justify firing someone. 

Yep. I’d say yes, if we lose to the Giants we will have had to screw up bad enough that I think that a coach has to actually take responsibility.

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If we do not put them away and it is still a game in the fourth quarter, something has to go.

If Brady were this "jeanyus" like so many people say, we would not come out of the break looking like a Pop Warner "B" Team.   If that happens again, he should be gone.

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26 minutes ago, Bartin said:

Who do you even fire?

Depends.  NFL is largely HCs/GMs scapegoating people.  So when the time comes...they have a group of coaches they will be willing to part with if they need to appease the masses.   

I mean, it's not the OLs coach's fault this group sucks.  It's not the QB coaches fault Darnold isn't getting it done.  And they hired Joe Brady with no playcalling experience....gave him horrific OLs to learn/figure it out with? Yeah, sounds rocky by FO design.  We can fire these type people.  It doesn't solve the fact primary issue is personel.   Now, some could be secondary issues.  But the personel is the primary issue.  But the HC/GM aren't going to fire themselves for not doing there job good enough. 

It's how we got Sean McDermott.  Andy Reid needed someone to blame.  So he blamed the guy whose defense he and the FO depleted of talent.  McDermott was the same dude then that he was when we hired him as DC.  We just gave him DL talent. 


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Not a fan of reactionary mid season firings, particularly for a relatively young team and couching staff in what is essentially year two of a rebuild.

BTW, we were never as good as some thought we were. We're arguably a bottom 10 team ourselves even though no one wants to hear it. Plus, this is the NFL and "any given Sunday..."

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3 hours ago, hepcat said:

I never thought I would have said this 3 weeks ago, but there's a pretty good chance the Panthers lose to the 1-5 Giants. There have been far too many moments they appear listless, unmotivated, gassed, and poorly coached. They have been downright embarrassing to watch at times. They do not appear like a team that was 3-0 at one point. Quite frankly the Panthers do not seem to like winning anymore.

A loss to a very bad, injury depleted Giants team would signal a firm end to what was initially a promising season. There would be no hope of winning another game if the Panthers lose to this bottom 5 team, and there is every reason to believe the losing streak will be much longer if it doesn't end Sunday.

Who should shoulder the blame? Should there be some coach firings? Benching some starters? 

How about we fuging play the game before this poo?

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