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Panthers Blueprint Episode 3: Embracing The Future

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3 hours ago, Pejorative Miscreant said:

Looking forward to episode 3.  Just finished episode 2 and it was very good.  Perhaps my personal favorite quote was DJ Shark to Adam Thielen “Stank Mouth”.  It was worth the watch just for that.  Really enjoying these. 

I loved McCown saying "They're professional WRs, make them prove it" or something to that effect, basically meaning force the throw away from trouble

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2 hours ago, WestPanthers said:

Just finished the 3rd episode and pretty dang good. Few more to add - 

- Fitts is finally putting on a show without shadowing by Fat Rhule. And only time will tell about this draft class.

- Interesting to see Bryce wants Mingo as well.

- Coaching is night and day compare to the previous .

Can't wait, let's go~!

I couldn't really tell what he said. Thought I heard bingo. Glad you picked up what he actually said.

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This was awesome. Shows you they never felt like they were reaching. 

For DJ—they went to get a very specific need in our scheme & our board metrics had the 93->80 trade as a +22

These guys had specific targets they really felt that conviction with. Just loved seeing the Zavala and Jammie bits as well.

RB and an outside sized CB would’ve been nice but we filled needs and got legit talent with each pick.

Good stuff


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Oooooooohhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaah gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd

Watching episode 2 was reaffirming of what many of us thought the purpose of the FA signings shown were for

Eps3 I'm only 1min in and hearing the 5 traits learned from Peyton has me ready to go to WAR for Bryce!!

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11 minutes ago, TheCasillas said:

Which part did Bryce say he wanted Mingl? I totally missed it.

About the 24:03 mark 

Reich: Your Dad said you like Mingo a little bit?

Young: Yeah.

Not exactly like Young brought him up and advocated for him. He probably would've agreed with anyone Reich suggested at that point.

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