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Be honest, and tell us where you are.

Be honest  

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  1. 1. I'm a cockeyed  optimist

    • I am optimistic. I think I like the way we are headed.
    • We may improve, but I'm patient.
    • Same ol Panthers, until they show me. 

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I dont think we are a playoff team yet and Im ok with this. I think there are a lot of really strong teams in the NFC and I think we need another year of development before we hit on all cylinders. 

I think the development of our team coincides well with the anticipated regression of the other NFCS teams. We need 1 maybe 2 years to build, they have 1 maybe 2 years left. 


Im very optimistic for how this team and organization is being built. 

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I think we miss the playoffs but show great improvement over last year. The defense will start really taking shape, but I think next year is the year it really shines. 

qb is such a toss up for me. I think Darnold has a career year but that’s not saying a whole lot. This is a great, qb friendly system that can move the ball fairly easily with our playmakers. So he’s gonna have some pretty decent stats. We are going to be in close games in the 4th quarter and that will really tell us who Darnold is as a qb and if we should move forward with him. 

so I’m optimistic with parts of the team, and neutral on others.  If we make the playoffs this year I will be shocked but it will bode well for our future. If Darnold isn’t it we really need a franchise qb quickly because the NFCS is in a prime spot for the taking over the next several seasons with older franchise qbs retiring and teams being in flux. We have a very good opportunity to dominate the division in the near future.

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I dont think there is a slot for me to vote in out of those choices honestly. I am optimistic every year but also very cautiously. I am positive every year with hope but not overconfident. I think they will most definitely get there to be a playoff team but im not sure if this is the year just yet.

Most of it all rests on Darnolds ability and whether he he has any or not. Even with him I am hopeful and optimistic but not extremely confident that anything will look different for him this year than years past. I will admit he has better coaching but can he show what he truly must? I truly dont know and cant even begin to try to make a prediction. I dont know what to think about this year. I guess i will just sit back and root for the good guys while hoping for the best for the team. Thats all we can do as fans anyhow.

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Since you asked...

I'm optimistic and patient.

  • We will win 8-9 games but be in every game.
  • Darnold will improve as the season goes on and will be extended at a fair price.
  • Horn, Christensen, Tremble, and 1 of our new guards will be starting by the end of the season.
  • Burns and Reddick will both have double digit sacks.
  • CMC will have 2000 all-purpose yards, 15 TDs., and will be Fantasy MVP.

2022 we improve to 10-11 wins and make the playoffs.

2023 and beyond we will be like the steelers - perennial contenders winning 11-13 games every year.

2024 we make post-Darnold plans and draft our Mahomes.  He sits for a year.

2025 conference championship game.

2026 we win the Superb owl.

Book it.


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Cautiously Optimistic.

This franchise has been run like a Mom and Pop shop for so long...any smart football decisions that we are making kinda feels weird, and wonderful.

Seems we have a rudder, which we have lacked for 15+ years.

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The best news I heard is my PSL will have value moving further.  Add the team has more talent and the coaches should be better this year and we could make some noise. Too early to tell and too early to be negative. So let's enjoy the summer and whatever happens.

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For me, it's all about expectations. I didn't have high expectations last season. In the end, from what I saw on the field, we exceeded expectations. I thought we'd be crap and look like it. But, we were competitive, but not fully competent, most games. But what can one expect with a Covid-hindered, young and inexperienced team (really from the owner on down)? Yet, we were in games we had no business being in, and maybe would've won more with a traditional season and a QB with more potential. 

This season, I am setting the mark for 9-8. I think that's fair based upon our talent and sophomore year for this team with even younger players, peppered with vets with potential, including a QB whose career start gets a mulligan for all intents and purposes. If we get to 9-8 while showing growth in areas of weaknesses and still being competitive, I'll be satisfied. Anything more than that, would be great (and would mean that we are ahead of schedule). And I think we can get there based upon the gritty fight of last year's team. We were little brother trying to beat big brother. We got a good lick in, but he predictably beat our ass. This season, we'll at least make it uncomfortable for him--make him think. In 2022, we'll be whipping his ass. So, it's all about expectations. 

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The Panthers have been through plenty of bad QBs over the years and even with all the upgrades from a well run draft, it will depend on the QB this year. 

I like that we are returning to aggressive defense, it's our thing and last year was not Panthers football. As many have pointed out, this division has a couple of good offensive teams...and they need to stopped in the fourth quarter. The question is what do we do when we have the ball with 2 minutes left.

The only comparison I can see is when Jake came in, screwed by the Saints and is still pissed at them but played with a chip on his shoulder. I hope Sam has the same chip with the Jets. Jake had 19 td/16 int in 03 and then went 29/15 in 04, not to mention 21 career wins from behind. 

I loved Cam but he is a generational talent. Jake was a pissed off slinger and if Sam and this receiver core can win close games in the 4th quarter it could be something to see. Or its Pickles time and we start over at QB a year from now.

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