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Vikings at Panthers Predictions - Let's hear it


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4 hours ago, Ocpanthertew714 said:

Nervous about this one.

Stephen Weatherley revenge game. 


Do you remember Mike Davis's "revenge game" or Teddy's "revenge game" when they were with us?

Oh wait, its only dudes who played for other teams that join the Panthers who absolutely sucka ass against their former teamates.


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3 hours ago, BlackPanther21_ said:

Nothing would be more satisfying then to play a great 2nd half and hold a lead, as well as open up the playbook on Offense.

Your assuming there is more to the playbook. So far it has been the same as last year with pretty much the same results. We need to come out and run something other than lazy comeback routes or runs up the gut on 3rd and 2 when our OL gets zero push.

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Without CMC our offense should score about 13 points + the garbage time points the Vikings allow us to have to kill the clock.

With CMC Sam always has an obviously open target, so that's a piece of cake. That means we score in the 20's or even 30s, and we're in a close dogfight.

Sam is a 13 points kind of QB without someone like Steve Smith or CMC ect carrying him.

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I feel better after watching the Eagles hang tough against the Bucs.  Maybe they aren’t a bad team?  

Cousins is the type of QB our defense should feast against.  We finally see a QB with average mobility.  I think we get the W in dominant fashion, learning lessons from the Philly game. 

Panthers - 35

Vikings - 10

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16 hours ago, SOJA said:

Alright I'll spoil it for you guys/gals:

1st Quarter- Panthers receive kick. They execute a nice little drive that ultimately stalls out at the 25. Zane Gonzales hits the kick. 3-0 Panthers. Defense gets an excellent stop and sacks Kirk Cousins. We come back on a short field and Darnolds hits Robby Anderson for a touchdown on a wide open double move. Panthers 10-0 Huddle is rejoicing. Chuck makes a new account just to join the game thread.

2nd Quarter- Minn threatens but ultimately a costly turnover nets them 0 points. The panthers move the ball well, but an untimely holding penalty costs Hubbard a huge run. Two drives net in another Zane Gonzales FG. Panthers 13-0. Despite only having 54 total yards the entire half, Minn executes the 2 min drill perfectly and steal a FG right as the clock expires. Panthers 13-3. Somehow, no one seems particularly worried the panthers should be up 21+ points right now. The huddle takes halftime off to discuss the finer points of mRNA vaccines.

3rd Quarter- Zod has already proclaimed that the Panthers are winning the Superbowl and Terrell McClain will be the superbowl MVP. Minn comes out guns blazing and leaves our defense flat footed on an easy touchdown. Panthers 13-10. Sam Darnold gets sacked to end consecutive drives. The defense holds strong but ultimately gives up a FG. Tied 13-13. Darnold, now trying to get the mojo back from the first half, forces a ball to Moore which turns into a pick 6 by Patrick Peterson (still exorcising BoA demons from that Arizona NFC championship game). Minn 20-13. The huddle game chat goes nuclear, there is at least three different posts correlating vaccine mandates to the Panthers sudden downturn from 3-0.

4th Quarter. A sack fumble from Darnold turns into three points for Minn. Minn 23-13. Panthers respond and have a good drive, that is again, hamstringed by penalties. Ultimately Rhule punts on 4-2 from the Vikings 43. The punt nets 18 yards as it rolls in the endzone off the foot of *insert name here of new punter*. The defense pulls a rabbit out of there ass and makes Kirk Cousins really like that by getting a crushing INT. The o line summons their darkest energy and somehow puts together a competent drive. It ends in a FG however despite being 4th and goal from the three. Minn 23-16. With two minutes left the defense forces Minn off the field. The Panthers drive starts with a dart to DJ Moore, who absorbs contact from a MAC truck but somehow stays upright, and gains 20 yards. The Huddle gets their hopes up. 

Sam throws an ill advised pick to Robby in double coverage on the next play. Vikings win. 

If this comes true, I will be both Impressed and appalled. 

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