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is darnold worse than teddy was?

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I would say Darnold's performance range is wider than Teddy's, for better or worse. Whether Teddy could've done better today, ehhh....

So what do Broncos say about Teddy?


I see turnover Teddy has entered the building.


TEDDY 3 Ints. Should have been 4 if not for drop


Me: Teddy is a journeyman backup at best.

Them: No he’s a starter.

Me: Carolina didn’t believe in Teddy.

Them: He had multiple 1000 yard receivers and was efficient. He had bad coaches.

Me: He couldn’t make clutch plays and finish drives.

Them: He’s really good just needs time to show his skills. He takes care of the ball.

Me: He had nearly as many INTs as TDs last season.

Them: Teddy just came back from the concussion, he’s really good.

Me: Ok


Bridgewater’s play in Carolina was there for everyone to see - film and stats that reflected much of his performance. In Carolina he struggled to make clutch plays and finish drives. He turned the ball over often relative to scoring production (11 INTs vs 15 TDs). Does this sound familiar?

I tried to explain this to Bridgewater defenders but they weren’t having it. Again, it’s what we do as fans - we elevate players on our roster.

Bridgewater is a likable guy and he’s tough - massive respect for coming back from a horrific injury. He’s a decent backup quarterback - that’s it.


The coach should play to Teddy's strength which are....uhmm...which are....uhmm....What are Teddy's strengths?


Throwing 5 yard passes on 3rd and 16?


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Donald hasn't done anything in his career to show he's a better Qb than Teddy.

The offense was much more dynamic last season, as you couldn't key in on one player. Once defenses started blanketing Moore this season the offense went kaput. 

We sucked in the redzone last season. We're better this season but way less opportunities down there. Teddy's offense was much more efficient and took what the defense gave us and that kept us in alot of games even when overmatched. This years offense is too dependent on someone beating their guy making a great play, not efficient at all.  That could work if we had Steve Smith in his prime, but we don't.  

It was a lateral move at best to bring Sam here, for what he brings with arm talent he negates that with poor decision making. Donald will make a splash play here or there whereas you can see he's talented but he's also reckless with the ball. 

All in all this offense has taken a step backwards from last season to anybody with good eyes to see.  If they would have just stayed pat on offense with the improved play of the defense this team would be in a much better spot.

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19 minutes ago, joemac said:

Sam and Teddy are the same QB. Not good enough for prime time. Simple as. This team is going nowhere until we upgrade the QB. 

Not at all. They're polar opposites. Sam has the physical talent, but just isn't a heady player. He creates negative plays with stupidity. Teddy is a smart QB, but lacks in physical talent that kills him in the redzone and in late game situations because he cannot drive the ball. 

On the whole, I'd probably slightly prefer the upside you get with Darnold, but it's pretty close to a wash. 

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33 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Teddy was more consistent.  Darnold's best is better than Teddy but his worst is far worse. If we could have Teddy between the 20s and Darnold in the redzone that would be interesting.

Teddy in the 1st TB game last year was worse than any Darnold performance so far this year.

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