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Yall ain't gonna wanna hear this but

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Just now, mrcompletely11 said:

Yep.  This draft isn’t that deep with LT.  I tried to tell you guys.  Might as well finish up the defense while we can.  

FWIW while I do think people are sleeping on Slater, Horn is the better there too.

If there's any silver lining our bar for a starting LT is rather low at the moment. We just need a competent starter not an all-pro

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54 minutes ago, *FreeFua* said:

Other than Teven, who else would you want at tackle with our 2nd rounder?

Honestly he’s it for me. 

and now I’m reading reports that we aren’t high on him. 

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38 minutes ago, Little Goody Two Shoes said:

You're largely correct but if we want a starting left tackle (from the draft) for the upcoming season, I think it has to be the next pick.

There are 2 big name LT left in free agency. Fisher (granted he may be out for half the season) and Villanueva (Ravens are linked to). Not sure who else is out there that are actually decent. Guarantee next draft will have a left tackle available too. Every draft does. 

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BPA is almost always going to be defense because other franchises appropriately weight offense over defense. That is how the rules are set up now. The reason we can’t find any consistency as a franchise is because we have been heavily weighted toward defense from the coaching staff down since our inception, outside of a small period with Seifert (not saying I like Seifert). Look at the consistent teams across the league, it is about the QB and offense. Great defenses get you a year or 2 of competitiveness. You see a SF, a Denver, etc. in the super bowl here and there, but are they ever back the next year?

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59 minutes ago, micnificent28 said:

I think Humphrey is right there. Has some freakish numbers put up if you need a center. Not sure we are solid on the over paid turnstile we have there. 

Thing to watch is the o-lineman Rhule saw first hand coaching at the Senior Bowl. 

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Pretty sure the top S will be off the board but if he is there it's an instant card turn in. Even getting the second best one at this spot would be nice.

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