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Charlotte milfs get ready!


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There’s no question he has all the tools to be a franchise qb …. But like most jobs it’s the soft skills , it’s your character, are you willing to sacrifice ego for the betterment of the team ? New York is a hard place to play while young …. If this doesn’t humble this kid nothing wil(getting bench and learning how to react without ego) .. if he somehow gets over himself he will be a killer if he buys in and motivated !!!! 



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Everyone knew very early on Wilson was going to the Jets.  That said most people will hype up a QB based on measurables and pine for that player.  Finding a great QB is incredibly hard so this will not change.  

Seriously I totally agree that you keep swinging on QBs until you hit.  No choice really unless you give someone like Lamar Jackson the keys to the city

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On 11/27/2022 at 3:18 PM, Peon Awesome said:

The irony of this thread is that Wilson was the 2nd overall pick and the same guy multiple posters were slamming the table for us to trade multiple 1sts to move up and draft. It's almost like sucking into the consensus #2 rookie qb prospect isn't necessarily a surefire strategy. And yet one too many posters are getting pissed we're not doing that. 

Yep I got roasted for saying the opposite. BYU is 15 minutes south of me. I hear all the talk. They have an elite oline program and had one of the best in the nation when Wilson was here. Even most avid BYU fans around here said he isn’t going to make it.

Yet the huddle informed me I was completely wrong and a hater and he was the next Mahomes.


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